“ Yes, I am a bike nerd and my passion is designing and developing quality bicycles and components, I ride and trust by my own.“

Already as a little kid I got fascinated about biking, pulling high speed wheelies, doing power-slides, riding off-road, getting some air over wooden ramps or doing some afternoon races together with friends at the local mx track. Back in the days, we used standard touring bikes with torpedo three speed hubs. There was no internet access, so we did not get influenced in any way. We were living in our own small world. Each of us was focused on his personal mission, which was pretty much, beating anyone else on the private races or keep the wheelie record of the hood. It must have been around 1982, when Elliot carried around an alien called ET, on a little bikes with knobby tires. It took me less than a second and it was obvious, I need a bike like that. I did all kind of jobs, from fruit picking to paperboy jobs to save up the money for a BMX bike. The day came when I smashed 235 german marks on cash desk, to get proud owner of a low quality BMX 2000. But this piece of crab was enough to fully change my life. We spend every single minute pulling wheelies, doing bunny hops or catching some air…Well, this was a small fragment of my childhood and it was although that time, when I got fully catched by the bicycle fever. Nothing has changed till today. I am open minded to a wide range of different bicycle activities. I still love to catch some air on my dirtjumping bike, ride through the forrest on a mountainbike, join a bike polo session or just cruise around. I started leafcycles, because I always had that dream, „one day I wanted to fly on my own designed frame“. This dream got true in the year 2007, when the „d.one“ hit the market. After a short period of time, leafcycles got international attraction in the dirt jumping segment and I was riding the wave of a boom market. But I had to learn on the hard way, no trend runs forever. The years from 2016 to 2019 were the dry time for leafcycles. The mistake I made was, I concentrated on the dirt jumping segment only. Sales went down dramatically and two days a week I had to work as product manager in the medical industry. It took me almost 4 more years to understand, that developing bicycles is my passion and I should be more open minded implementing other bike segments. Well, here we go. Leafcycles will be back with a wider bicycle range in the future, but with the same approach than ever. I want to design and develop quality bicycles made out of steel. I will have to start almost from zero and I I will have to grow slowly, but I really hope that I can convince some of you, with the upcoming bicycle line. Thanks to all of you, for your future support and being part of the leafcycles community. – Frank Heinrich, leafcycles owner –

Leafcycles – equipment for the dirty hours of your life

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